Organizing and storing utensils and other kitchen stuff isn’t enough to keep your kitchen clean and maintain hygiene. You also need to vacuum and clean the kitchen floor to increase cleanliness and glaze.

Through this Vacuum & Floor Care category, you can learn about some essential kitchen cleaning tools and how to clean the floor. Most people use mattresses on the floor to prevent additional wear and tear to the floor.

But you need a good and compatible vacuum to clean out all dirt and dust from the mattress. There are some high-quality vacuum cleaners that literally clean mattresses, including each corner. Vacuums & Floor Care

Housmile mattress vacuum cleaner and Dascooni mattress vacuum cleaner are two great examples of mattress vacuum. We’ve included a full review of these two vacuum cleaners in this category.

Some people don’t prefer mattresses as it requires frequent deep cleaning. We’ve also taken those people into consideration. If you don’t prefer mattresses, you can stick laminate flooring to acclimate.

This laminate flooring process increases the material’s durability and appearance. But do you know how to stack laminate flooring and when is the right time to put furniture over it? Check out our guide to learn more about laminate flooring. Vacuums & Floor Care

However, sometimes your carpet on the floor can attract silicone lube, which is challenging to remove with ordinary cleaning agents. But our guide teaches you how to successfully remove silicone lube from flooring, including wood floors, tile, and carpet.

We’ve added a bonus in this category. Do you know how to date a Kinfolks knife? Knife enthusiasts find it a little tricky to find out the exact production date for these knives as the company has stopped producing them.

Fortunately, there are some effective ways of finding out the production year. You can check our guide for tips and tricks.