Your kitchen is the chief environment in your home where you prepare dining. Hence, you want your kitchen to have all the convenient items to make food preparation easier.

But you may not know how to use a toaster oven for cooking bacon, how to clean an instant pot air fryer basket, and so on. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

This Kitchen & Dining category teaches you how to clean an instant pot air fryer basket and cook bacon in a toaster oven. You can also get some reviews of necessary kitchen items, such as Kohree Portable Refrigerator, Joyoung Air Fryer, and 360 knife block.

Some people enjoy collecting vintage knives to give their kitchen an aesthetic vibe. 1918 trench knives are the most preferred combat knife for a knife enthusiast. But it’s tricky to determine whether the knife is real.

Through this category, you can also learn how to examine a 1918 trench knife to determine its authenticity. But your vintage knife blade can go dull over time. Therefore, you also need to know how to sharpen your knife’s blade easily using a dremel.

Besides, you may face some difficulties with your refrigerator in the kitchen. For example, your foods may taste like chemicals after refrigerating. 

There can be multiple reasons, like freon refrigerator leak, citrus fruits, or remaining cleaning products. Thankfully, we can learn the easiest solution to banish this problem with our guide. 

Again, modern refrigerators come with a roller to move easily; hence, rolling refrigerators have become a new common issue for your kitchen. In addition, the space between fridge freezer doors sometimes gets warm, which can indicate that something is wrong.

You need to discover the issue and solve it to increase lifespan. Our guide will help you eliminate these issues by following a few simple steps.

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How to Stop Fridge from Rolling?

As much as the refrigerator is necessary for your daily life, it can cause a tad bit of trouble as well. Especially, if you notice the fridge rolls or slides from its installation place. And if it moves often, it can fluctuate the temperature inside. So, to keep your refrigerator functioning properly in its place,…